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The main entrance to the Sahara, the Tafilalt, in the Merzouga region, Morocco, has been a place of exchange between North and South for many centuries. This crossroads of the desert has seen caravans loaded with the greatest treasures: gold, spices, salt, …

It is the historical region of the Alawite dynasty, whose current king, Mohammed VI, is the direct descendant. Its rich history and the legendary beauty of its landscapes make it undoubtedly the Merzouga region, a must-see in Morocco and an ideal destination to enjoy a family holiday or as an adventurer.

With a travel guide, we invite you to discover the most beautiful places in the region, to visit the places full of history or to try out absolutely original activities during your trip. Here is the list of services we offer to make your unforgettable tourist stay in the Sahara (Merzouga):

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